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Fast Forwarding Courier Services Company

A continuous improvement policy helps a company to meet the customers’ demands. The process used by fast forwarding company is faulty and needs some changes. For a courier company the following continuous improvement procedures would be the most appropriate. One of the strategies is to install real time feedback system in the company. It will help employees and managers to solve issues as they arise in their day to day activities. It ensures that there are no pending issues left unsolved in the organization. Improvement process in this case is dependent on small and manageable changes done by the employees and the management. Real time feedback system is very crucial in this process because it provides real time information about customer satisfaction. To improve manager’s evaluation process the company has to shorten the period of performance evaluation.

Evaluation process may be conducted between one week and two weeks. It allows the company to avert any stalemate that may try to derail organizational success. They are in a position to manage and keep business track and the success. Automating business feedback system and keeping an updated data record will enhance service delivery. Managers have to consult before they come up with a decision. Consulting different stakeholders help to avoid mistakes done by the employees in the organization as they carry out business operations (Golińska and Hajdul 22). The last thing that managers do is to put into place an automated feedback system that is in a position to solitude customer groups, employees and staffs members. It increases accuracy level in the organization an action that will leads to greater profit for the organization due to reduced wastage. Employee’s mistakes will be reduced by a great deal because they are able to adjust thus meeting the expected status. In addition, a clear channel of communication must be put into place. Fast forwarding company needs to involve a downward communication channels which will ensure that the improvement process is continuous and achievable. Having supervisors and managers to oversee progress of employees activities will facilitates information flow within the organization.

Mentoring and Coaching

The process of change to be introduced in fast forwarding company will be discussed below. The first step is to identify the need for training and skill development in the organization. This is where the company engages in an intensive exercise of determining areas that need improvement, making the necessary measures to improve the employee’s skills and competence. In the presence of clear needs, the management looks for alternative solution that would solve these problems. This stage involves extensive and comprehensive research on the possible solutions. The next step would be to select the best alternative training program among the available solutions. Manager will then plans for the training program and steps to be followed in the implementation stage.

The implementation of the training program takes place and employees are taken through the process. They are equipped with skills and competence to enable them increases their productivity levels. After the employees training and mentoring, they are expected to perform and meet the standards that they have been trained. The last process in the training program is to evaluate employee’s performance. Review of the training program is conducted so that corrective measures are provided to meet the required standards. If some faults are detected in the training program, changes are made so that it can produce the best results. Communication skills should also be taught to employees to enable them express issues which help in improving the organization welfare.

                          Strategies to Manage Progress in Fast Forward Company

To monitor the activities of the program, fast forwarding courier services is required to have a system monitor put into place. This will enhance the collection and storage of data gathered from the customers. This system supports other systems in the organization such as application performance management. Monitoring system application requires input data such as the number of threads and log file path. These two requirements help in the identification process of determining the users of the company information. Using this system will help a company cut the cost of monitoring people in a manual process (Friend and Zehle 34). This is because of the fact that manager will not hire more supervisors to monitor employees activities rather they will have few supervisors to monitor the process.

They will be assisted by the use of the system which collect and store data on daily basis. It is also easy to retrieve data stored in the system in order to make decisions. Managers on the other hand are expected to review data stored on a daily basis. They use this data to make crucial decision that regards the operation of the company. The system allows data access by other systems. Data access is a process through which data stored in the system can be used by other systems through data sharing. This will facilitates smooth flow of data within the organization. Operation activities of the organization will be enhanced in the sense that decision makers use the updated database to solve issues in the organization.

Work team performance in this case will require a different approach when it comes to the monitoring programs. Monitoring will involve the signing of a performance contract by the employees. This will create an organization environment of result oriented performance contribution by individual employees. Performance contracts involves the setting of personal goals to be achieve by the employees despite having he organization overall goals. Monitoring these employees involves the process of evaluating and reviewing their performance report they have submitted. Customer services are evaluated alongside the performance contract by the employees through report review. Planning activities of the organization operations will be based on the information collected from the contracts. Communication is also very important in performance contract since employees communicate their plight in the organization.

Effective Communication Channels

Communication is one component that is very important in an organization setup. This is because people are able to express ideas and vision for the company through written or oral communication. Issues raised by employees concerning the working conditions, should be applied in the improvement process to make sure that efficiency and effectiveness has been achieved. Downwards communication channels insist on the managers sharing their ideas and visions with their employees. Employees are expected to work towards the laid down goals. They are the custodians of the vision the management have for the organization. It means that their contribution is very crucial for the success of the company (Friend and Zehle 50). However, the channel is a two way affair where the employees are involved in decision making by giving their views to the management on issues they would like to be addressed.

On the other hand, the management makes decision for the company and gives directives to the employees. Employees execute the directives which result to organization performance. The new strategy for the company will be communicated to the employees by holding a pilot meeting. Employees will be given a chance to express their views on the new strategy. Management supports for the new strategy is necessary and should explain the manner in which the new strategy will change the organization performance. It is also a chance to sensitize the stakeholder of their new requirements. Change in the organization is faced with some challenges such as culture and employee’s attitude. Holding a pilot meeting will provide a chance of rallying support for the changes in term of culture support and changing attitude of the employees towards the new strategy. Monitoring programs meant to improve company’s performance in most cases is not welcomed in organization. New strategies come with new expectation and new performance standards. The commitment in most cases is very demanding on the side of personal contribution so people are reluctant to change their culture.

 Organization culture is another determinant of company’s performance. If the new strategy does not gather enough support from the organization culture, it is deemed to fail. The reason behind this is that employees are used and adapt to the culture which guides their performance (Belmont 32). Thus, the management should be so much concerned with the culture and means through which they should improve it to boost the new strategy. Employees should also be trained to use the systems so that they familiarize themselves to the new environment.  Fast forwarding being a courier services provider is so much dependent on technology thus it is very urgent for the company to replace their old technology with new technology. This will allows customers to transact business from one sitting, they will not be required to visit fast forwarding offices to make a request.

Future Planning For Fast Forwarding Courier Services

The new strategy demands for a well structured planning model that will not only create improvement process but also promote changes in the organization. To make sure that planning is undertaken in the organization the company will develop the following procedures.

1. Brief Design that will help to explain rules and procedures that will guide the process of future planning. This category will includes data collection methods, rules and regulations, planning committee and procedure followed when engaging in planning activity.

2. Concept design is the second thing to be looked at in coming up with a model to guide planning activities. Concepts means that the organization has to define its purpose for the planning process which is supposed to be a continuous affair (Belmont 43). In the long run the company behavior in planning will be considered as an organization culture, this will trigger continuous improvement in terms of performance and skills development. Proposals made are incorporated in the overall decision followed by the organization.

3. Developing a design is the process of involved with the application of the plan developed by the organization. It outlines the procedure to be followed in the application of the plan and design to be applied. Managers in this case make decision for the organization depending on the best alternatives adopted. He or she will make sure that the application follows the laid down procedures. It will minimize the mistakes that may otherwise be committed by the employees in the event of executing the plan.

4. Detail design and evaluation is the last stage in the process of planning for future. It incorporates review of the system that is already in existence so that they can make adjustment on it. In cases where the system is faulty, the management comes up with a new approach that will improve organization welfare. This procedure ensures that the organization is continually planning for the future.


Fast forward organization vision of serving their customer effectively and efficiently may not be realized with the current situation in the organization. However, with the new proposals to adjust their service delivery system and incorporate technology in their data collection and storage system, it is possible to avert the ordeal. Continuous improvement in the organization will be derived from small changes done now and then to solve problems in a continuous manner.

 In the long last, the organization is able to attain its goals and objective due to finding solution for the problems that arise in the event of conducting business. Customer satisfaction is also dependent on the interaction between the organization employees and the company’s clients. If the relationship is not healthy, it may hinder growth and improvement of organization culture. In a situation where the customer relationship with the organization employees is healthy, success in business organization is achieved. Therefore, fast forwarding company should aim at streamlining their internal operations and system so that they can be efficient. The level of efficiency in the company operations will improves customer satisfaction. Proper record should also be maintained by the company. It did not have a clear system of keeping record and this was the reason behind the fall of its business in a rapid manner.

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