Take a tour of your State Capitol.  Answer the following questions and turn in your completed TREASURE HUNT form by the end of the semester!                                                                    10 points

Name: ________________________________________________________________

  1. Go to the bill room and request copies of Assembly Bill 8 and Senate Bill 48.  What number is in the lower right corner of each bill?  AB 8 ________ 
  2. SB 48

Attach copies of the bills.

2.  Visit the county displays.  What did you learn about California?

The California County displays are the best political subdivisions of the state. There are 58 provinces in California and each of them is particularly checked in the guide for a reasonable understanding of their areas inside the state. The country’s heartthrob, California is the most crowded and the third biggest state by range in the United States. It is encompassed by Oregon on the North, Arizona on the southeast, Nevada on the East, and the Mexican condition of Baja, California, on the South. California is partitioned into provinces, and at present there are 58 districts. The last province, Imperial County was conceived in the year 1907, and from that point forward no new expansion of provinces occurred.

3.  Find your Assembly member’s office.  What is the room #? _______ 4126______

Attach his/her business card or the card of his/her staff person.

4.  Describe one of the pieces of artwork you liked in the building and where it is located?

A picture of Abraham Lincoln, painted by William Cogswell, is right behind the Assembly Chambers. Initially, an 1855 representation of John Sutter, painted by California’s first picture painter, William Smith Jewett, graced the chambers. It was supplanted in 1909 by the representation of President Lincoln, which stays there right up to today.

5.  What will you remember most about your trip to the Capitol?

Specifically, I preferred the amusements of the treasury room and the dust dish pioneer display. The dust vessel display was a great weaving of photography (Dorothea Lange’s notorious “Transient Mother” picture story and old photograph memorabilia/gear), writing (Grapes of Wrath), history (clarification of natural movements prompting dust dish), and music (Woody Guthrie, unique music and instruments). These meet up truly well to paint a picture of how troublesome and fascinating this time was. There are excellent photographs and stories with little points of interest that stick in your psyche, in the same way as mid-western vagrant kids were derided for consuming “weird” nourishments instead of sandwiches at school or wearing odd garments.

6.  Visit Identify legislation that would be helpful to you or to one of the people in your peer response group. 

Subject: ____Environment___________________________________

Author: ______ Bonnie Lowenthal __________________________________

Bill #: ______ AB 21 ___________________________________

If you cannot find something specific to a current project, find something you’d like to learn more about.  You can also subscribe to get updates on the specific legislation.