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Dear R,

I hope you are well.

During the discussions held a fortnight ago, you were informed that several important aspects of the overall supervisory assessment were unclear. For instance, candidate analysis should have been based on behavior assessment as the key factor instead of focusing on the technicalities of operation since the technicalities are not clear reflections of individuals’ performances. This e-mail therefore is a wrap up of various deficiencies observed in the assessment process. Some of these deficiencies have already been reported by other candidates. To provide the necessary feedback, it is imperative that we determine whether the clarity of information is sufficient for everyone to avoid determining whether a behavior is rationally justifiable based on incomplete or unclear information.

The first concern is about the resin manufacturing case, which has been treated with a level of neutrality that was not initially intended. The case was supposed to assist engineers operating in the same industry only. Other cases such as the Vidro case, which have been the same for long were expected to be changed by your team by adjusting both the scenarios and tailoring the case to enable assessing different industries. Our expectation was also higher for strong and respected brand names like Kon Ferry.

Second, I have been forced to shift to hard copy in replying to e-mails since some of the e-mails unexpectedly disappeared from our systems due to a system glitch that has already been identified by the assigned staff. I am disappointed that despite the years of experience your team has, it was unable to identify potential system errors and rectify them. Besides this, the time extension was limited and I could not redo all that I had written. I could not do the e-mails I wanted to do so I demonstrated my good delegation skills. It is however desirable that the e-mails be short, clear and concise as we learnt in the weeks prior to taking this course. Despite the difficulty of the project, I am confident that I have provided smart and sufficient responses to the e-mail I found time to go over.

Another concern is about the planning case where you presumed we all had experience in assigning employees to different courses and assignments. While some engineers are experienced in this, majority of the finance department employees are regular and have never done this. The case was completed in a timely manner despite the realization that everything about Vidor’s case was tailor made for engineers only and that the shift planning schedule assumed more than seven days a week. None of your team members was available to answer the arising questions. Moreover, the scenarios left out valuable information such as the career profiles of various professionals such as the engineering supervisor and some of them were not realistic. An example is the portrayal of the supervisor as responsible for accepting or rejecting a multi-million dollar project.

I did not intend to go over the project’s technicality, as this would portray me as a jack of all trades without any additional positive impacts on the problem solving. Although I focused on one area, I also have my limitations and your assessment did not provide me with all I needed. Instead of providing one case study for all individuals across different industries, the case of Kon Ferry could have been used to offer multiple case studies for different majors since Kon Ferry is a leading talent management provider.

The last concern regards realistic representations in making the first impression. For instance, your team should consider looking into the case of Saud who is reported to be in his fifties with 2 years experience and Sara who is represented in a picture wearing Thobe and Gutra. It is suggested that in order to improve, the candidates should be video- taped during meetings to avoid misrepresentations. Every move can then be analyzed instead of relying on memory. This is to help in the feedback process.

Having conveyed my comments professionally before receiving any feedback, I hope that this assessment will be successful and will provide a true reflection of the performance of many others if my input is considered.

 Finally, the privacy policies that govern the users’ rights have been reviewed and understood. I therefore request that my private information be held confidential. I do not authorize any use of my private information by a third party.

Best Regards,