Assignment Writing Help on Culture in Nursing Practice

Culture in Nursing Practice

There has been an increase in the number of teenage pregnancies over the years. In most cases, it does not bring joy to the affected families. Lydia’s family is such an example. Lydia, who is fourteen years old, is two months pregnant and her mother and grandmother feel very embarrassed. They speak of their disbelief on the issue.

Lydia’s pregnancy will have several impacts on her German American family and on her as an individual. One of the major impacts is the financial challenge imposed on her family. Pregnancy comes with financial responsibilities such as going for checkups, eating good food and raising the child (Cherry & Dillon 2014). Lydia may also have to drop out of school and this indirectly affects the family. Like any other family, they believe that education is the key to a good future. Children born by teenagers are often found to have development problems and this is also a problem to Lydia’s family since they have to find means of dealing with such a situation.

            German Americans have strong cultures and therefore Lydia’s family needs help in this life crisis. They need to be counseled so that they can be able to accept their situation and know how to deal with it. Lydia should also be educated on how to deal with her pregnancy, eat right and live healthy. It is also important that they are educated on how to deal with the society especially because the society may neglect and isolate the family. If the family needs financial assistance, it is important that the government and support institutions come in and help out. The healthcare provider’s office should also help by providing the necessary support.


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