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Analysis of The Birthmark using a Feminist Approach

                  Feminism is a term used to define the advocacy of the rights of women on the political, economic, and social equality with the men. On the other hand, feminist approach extends the ideology of feminism into a theory and a philosophy. Feminism in The Birthmark is immensely considerable; one side of the story studies about sexual politics, lack of power of women, and the psychology that is associated with this powerlessness.

                   Hawthorne’s successfully dramatizes the fact that the identity of women is the product of the responses from their male counterparts. In the story, the people who love Georgina see her birthmark as an evidence that marks her beauty. Those that hate her see her as an object of disgust. The response to Georgina birthmark varies among different people who observe her. Her self-image emanates from the internalization of the attitudes of men that surround her. Some of the men link her birthmark with magic; this indicates the patriarchal tradition that grouped women with things that were mysterious and inexplicable.

                 Georgina is surrounded by the obsessions of attractions, which are shown as total revulsions; as a result, she develops chronic self-consciousness that results in a pervasive sense of shame and self-hatred that makes her long to kill herself. The Birthmark shows impacts of women who are trapped in the minds of men; they are examined and experimented upon. Largely, the birthmark is a commentary on feminism; it shows that the way women see themselves is directly related to the way men who are in their lives see them. Many men have a negative attitude towards women, and this make women to have a low self-image, resulting in low self-esteem.