Assignment Writing Help on Agency Discretion

Agency Discretion

The experience from the previous lesson on Agency Discretion was impressive. I realized that understanding Agency Discretion is vital in handling administration functions and processes. It was important to know how declaratory orders and advisory opinions are utilized in practice. Agencies perform many functions off the rule-mark, and prescribed adjudications. In most cases, there are alternatives in performing certain functions, which renders Agencies to the position of discretion.

One of the most interesting parts of the topic was the fact that too much and too little discretion was dangerous to public administration. Therefore, the challenge posed was getting a balanced quantity of discretion that could suitably fit in a certain situation. The topic was well captured, and there were key examples that help in relating the concepts with real application. There were realistic examples that provided clear pictures on the meaning of some technical terms like advisory opinion, mediation, declaratory orders, and arbitration. It is necessary to understand the terminologies in agency discretion, and their application in the judicial context. The examples actualize the theoretical concepts that were expressed in the topic, making it easy to understand and apply.

I now understand why agencies make decisions in order to solve certain problem within the administrative functions. The informal processes are part of paramount actions that promote performance in the administrative processes. As per my assessment of the topic, the intended objective of the lesson was achieved. One of the learning objectives was to be able to point out various forms of discretion that are exercised by agency officials. It is important to understand that informal processes are vital in handling major administrative functions.