Assignment Writing Help on Abortion


According to biologists, life begins immediately after conception. However, in some cases conception could not guarantee a birth. A fetus may be terminated under special cases defined by law. Some of the provisions that legalize abortion include when the fetus puts the life of the mother at a risk, as well as when the mother conceives out of rape. A new law about abortion should be created to limit abortions. It would be healthy to perform an abortion during early stages of development of the fetus to avoid risking the life of the mother. For instance, a new law that an abortion, if necessary, must be performed within the first four months of the pregnancy. During this duration, the fetus has few developments, thus it would be easy and healthy to terminate the pregnancy. When the fetus is allowed to grow more, it becomes difficult to terminate a pregnancy as it would risk the mother’s life.

Any cases that do not put the life of the mother at a risk should be ignored. For instance, a mother who is raped and conceives, though she is in a healthy position to bear the child, should not be allowed to abort. An abortion is therefore to be legalized only under situations that put the mother’s life at a risk. In addition, the new law is to include that a mother must not abortion more than twice. A professional in a health care center must be the only legalized person to execute an abortion. Any other cases of abortion apart from the case allowed by the new law should be considered murder case, and the parties involved should be charged in a court of law.