Arts Sample Paper on The Role of Art in Modern SocietyThe Role of Art in Modern Society

The Role of Art in Modern Society


The modern society comes with wonderful creations and innovations in arts by the use of modern technology. However, with all the wonderful innovations made by the influence of technology, it has become impossible to do away with historical works of art in this modern era. Great historical works of art have been employed in the advertisement industry to create great awareness of certain products to the people. Among the greatest works of art done in history, the works of Leonardo stands out among the greatest artworks of all time. Leonardo da Vinci was a gifted painter, a wonderful designer, and a perfect sculptor whose major works became iconic in the history of arts. His iconic art works are being used in advertisements, providing illustrations in magazines or business articles, and also being featured in movies and television programs.  The pioneering artist has continued to have a great impact in the modern world of advertising, with his many paintings and sculptures being used to create great attraction to the products. It has become quite necessary to allocate a budget for advertisement in a business or a company in order to ensure that the products gain popularity, and win public approval.

Works of Art Used to Sell Products

In order for an advert to be effective, what it speaks and what it makes use of are necessary ingredients to consider. Some advertisers intelligently employ some famous works of great legends like Leonardo in order to add some value in their display and advisements. Famous art images offer visual stimuli, which normally influence consumer perceptions about certain products and brands. This perception alters the choice that a person makes, such that, due to the appealing nature of the advertisement, a person may relate the same thought to the product. There are some works which are peculiar, in beauty and design, like the great work of Leonardo da Vinci that includes Monalisa and The Last Supper among others. Normally, these art works affect the viewers in a congruent manner such that the products being advertised are associated with the perfection portrayed by these art works. People tend to relate what they see with the real products, and go the extra mile to buy or get the products in order to come to reality with such displayed perfection. These images or painting are quite inspiring and unique, and without even altering their creation, advertisers use them in order to win the people’s choice, since people like to be associated with perfect creations. The simplicity of the advertisement, the inspiring value, and the insightful part of it works together to make good visual attraction.

Mona Lisa of Leonardo (Andra, 2012)

As portrayed in the picture above, an online dating company used the beauty of Mona Lisa to create an advertisement based relationship. The art work by Leonardo Da Vinci fit so well with the general objective intended by the online dating company. The attractive nature of the painting, with additions made by the advertiser, creates a wonderful and exciting picture to the viewers who come across this advertisement. This attraction may compel even the unwilling persons to give it a try, as they tend to relate what is being offered with the perfect works of Leonardo himself. The painting perfectly rhymes with the intended objective and therefore increases the value of the advert, and makes it more attractive.

The Last Supper (Andra, 2012)

Paddy used Leonardo’s Last Supper to create an advert on its web page that attracts the eyes of anyone who comes along it. There is a deep sense of fun and game created by this piece of art, which Leonard used to imply the mood that was present during the last supper for Jesus and his twelve disciples. The art work clearly fits in the theme of what is being advertised in the sense that it portrays a mood of fun, which is intended to be provided by the company being advertised.

In Raleigh, North Carolina, a software company went a mile ahead to promote its services by making use of the art work in the name of the legend himself. This company called Da Vinci systems has continued to earn a great reputation for technically superior products. The reason why they came up with a name derived from Da Vinci was because they reckoned with the great works that the legend did in painting and designing, and their objective was to play the same role that Leonardo played in the society by providing the best products.

Works of Art in Film and Television

Some modern filmmakers and television producers have realized the importance of art, and employed some historic art monuments in their production in order to make their work more appealing and attractive. Modern movies and television programs display iconic features within their production to alter the attention of the viewer to the beauty and glory of the historic works in relating them to the message they intend to pass. The film market has been flooded with many movies that are produced on a daily basis, and therefore this has prompted creativity and uniqueness in production to attract a great number in the public. As a way of attracting a large number of people, the film producers are using some iconic pieces of art from famous artist in their production to give a better taste to whatever message they intend to pass. In many movies, in the introduction, the art works of some great legends are featured, either the paintings or the statues, which tends to create a sense of appreciation to the monuments. Viewers who normally reckons with art works get excited whenever they see the art works in the film or advertisements.  For the people who are involved in the art industry, it becomes more enticing when art works are included in the movies, since they gain some motivation from the art works of the great legends, and are compelled to view whole movies. In movies like Angles and Demons and The Da Vince Code, the works of Leonardo have been featured to a great extend. The reason behind using the art works of Leonardo is because of the general thought that no one could do better than what was done by the artist himself.

Altered States FX, which is a film producing company, used the art works of Leonardo in creating one of the most famous movies; The Da Vince Code, which is based on a novel written by Dan Brown. In this movie, the works of Leonardo Da Vinci have been used centrally, and are featured throughout the movies. The attractive display of the iconic works done by Leonardo himself brings out the inevitable prowess of the historic works in the modern arena. These art works represents a mode of value, aesthetic values, which create attraction to the eyes of a person, establishing some interest on the film associated with the great art works done by historic legend. Normally, the aim of selling products is to be able to earn great profits, and the only way to do so is by using attractive techniques in order to gain fame and earn great popularity. Normally, the main theme of advertisement is usually to invoke persuasion so that the people may like and consider a certain brand or product.

In other cases, historical art works can be used to accentuate the environment, and the general atmosphere within which the show takes place. Famous works of painting, sculptures, and architecture are employed in production of movies or television programs when relating the story with iconic works. For example, when picturing a town in Italy, works of Leonardo are featured among other iconic things found in Italy, including the famous architecture and buildings. This helps the viewer to relate the art works with originality of the artist, for instance, in the case of Leonardo, it implies that he originated from Italy. Therefore, when featuring a town in Italy, a painting like Mona Lisa can be featured to indicate great works done by an Italian legend; Leonardo Da Vinci.

On another aspect, historical art works have been used in the modern film and television production to express a certain cultural setting. Certain cultures are associated with certain architectural designs, and therefore famous historical monuments and house design are used by film makers to portray certain cultures. There are certain architectural designs, which differentiate the Chinese, Americans, Asians, Italians, Portuguese, and Africans. The Italians are associated with the works done by Leonardo Da Vinci.


It is quite evident that in order to be able to make a great sell of products in the modern society, great creativity is required. As a result of creativity in designing, use of art works which were done by great artist are being included in advertising certain products, websites, films, and also television programs. This art works plays a great role of ensuring that the products earn approval from the customers just from visual perspective. Some film and television producers make use of art works from great legend to express culture and location of the film or the programs. These great art works earn a great attraction from people who always reckons with their perfect creation.

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