Article Review- Business operations

Article Review- Business operations

  1. What are the diverse tactics both parties undertake in corporate talks?

Americans line of attack in corporate talks as purely business and their aim is to decide on what is written on the agreement, sign it and complete the arrangement.  Chinese treasure good relations more than the real content of the agreement. Americans have no desire of knowing the individual they are undertaking ventures individually as they trust that the agreement dilemmas all individuals engaged as well as breaking its legal complications.

  1. What are the mistakes both parties have committed in this cross-cultural negotiation process, and what should they have done better?

Both parties made a blunder of not comprehending the conciliation culture of every nation.  This would have eradicated a number of the disparities which at the end destroyed the entire agreement. The Americans anticipated the Chinese to conciliate as Americans do whereas the Chinese anticipated the Americans to be more cooperating as the Chinese individuals. They culminated in conflicting on numerous fundamental things as none of them was familiar with each other team’s means of talking.

  1. What are the key characteristics of a successful cross-cultural negotiator?

A multicultural mediator comprehends the principles of the two teams from diverse cultures negotiating. The negotiator understands which part of culture is stretchy and which need to be stuck to. The mediator is well-versed with the procedure both parties utilize when conversing as well as ensure that he or she is well-acquainted with both and comprehends their importance. The mediator is as well fluent in dialects of the two teams talking to facilitate all details are well apprehended.

  1. How could both sides have prepared better to anticipate the problems faced in the negotiation?

They could have acquainted themselves with the talking tactics of every culture. This would have allowed them to get set for the possible barriers they were to encounter in the negotiation. This preparation would have allowed them to conciliate at ease on problems that they knew could be altered. The Americans would have been well-versed with the bureaucracy in china and thus would not have been disturbed by the continuous talks the Chinese individuals had with ageing individuals. They would as well have been well-acquainted on how the Chinese treasure relation as well would have taken their time to develop this prior to commencing the real talks. The Chinese would as well have been well-versed of the significance Americans attach to written agreements and therefore would have treated the written manuscript more earnestly than they did.

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