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Organizational Transition

            Transition refers to change or transformation to a new system (Vanoutrive, Thomas and Verhetsel 232). Organizational transition refers to the change in a system used in the organization to a new system that is put in place. I am an employee at an automotive company called Coopers Corporations Limited. I work as the chief engineer who oversees the activities of the technicians. I have analyzed our current system of doing business entailing servicing customers in person and there lacks a dedicated system of diagnosis of the technical problem that a motor vehicle has. The company experiences problems with customer service; the clients who come to the organization take long queues awaiting service. Moreover, the mechanics service and repair the motor vehicles, which end up coming back for undiagnosed problems.

            I would like to introduce a self-service scheme where the customers go to the website of the company and book for space and service. Moreover, I would like to champion the installation of diagnostic tools within the company, which an operator plugs into the motor vehicle, and the tool pinpoints various problems that need to be addressed in the motor vehicle. Coopers Motors Cooperation deals mostly in Volkswagen, range Rover spots, and Mazda. This new system will provide quality and fast service to the customers and avoid the long ques. The number of customers that can be served by the company per day is deemed to increase.

What do you see as your greatest personal challenge to achieving your objective? Explain what do you see as the greatest organizational challenge to achieving your objective?

The greatest personal challenge that I foresee in achieving this transition is that most of the employees in the company are hands on; they require much training to understand the dynamics of customer self-service and the use of the diagnostic machine. It is thus important to train them to adapt to this system, which is both time consuming and needs installation of computers. I am an individual aiming to champion all these changes. The organizational challenge is that some workers will have to be laid off. The introduction of a computerized service mechanism synchronizes the use of computers rather than human effort. Moreover, some employees would have to be shifted to other areas of production. Laying off workers would mean the organization has to compensate the contractual workers, which would mean extra expenses. Opposition to change is always expected in any organization, especially when a new system is brought on board. (Gonzales 29)

Explain. How will you manage or propose to the organizations leadership how the change/transition should be managed? 

In a bid to achieve my objective, I aim to start by teaching the technicians the operation principles of the diagnostic machine and encourage the management to sort out employees who have knowledge on the use of computers. The organization should summon all the workers and have a face-to-face meeting where each person is allowed to express his/her views to avoid the possibility of a strike or demonstration. The management should clearly express the need of this new system and inform the workers the benefits of this new system. I plan to express the transition in true light giving both merits and demerits to infrm the company the dynamics of the change and the expectations of this new system.

 If your objective is achieved what will be the benefit/value to the organization? 

The implementation of this new system is beneficial to the organization and employees. The organization would incur less expenses on payment for the customer service and have the ability to serve more clients per day than it formerly used to. These would mean that the organization would realize more profits because more clients would join the company because the services offered are quality and fast. The pressure on employees would also be relieved because the machines will do the diagnosis on the vehicles, thus point out the various problem areas that the technicians can work on.

How will that benefit/value be measured/determined? How will you sustain the change/transition?

The benefit brought to the organization will be gauged in terms of the profits realized after the system has been implemented and the number of customers that the employees would have to serve per day. I aim to sustain the change by working hand in hand with the technicians till the use of the diagnostic machine becomes a norm in the organization. Moreover, I aim to work with the organization towards ensuring that the customers are served as deemed fit. The self –service system boosts the company image thus attracting more investors and boosting sales.

            This transition is mandatory. It is unnecessary viewing clients who have appointments elsewhere lining up to be served in this new dynamic business world full of technological innovations. The objective of this system is to relieve the pressure on customers for queuing and the employees for serving the wide customer base. It will serve to achieve greater ideals, such as meeting the company objective of maximization of profits and quality of service.

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