Art Book Review Essay Sample on The World of Light and Colour

Book Review

The paintings by Turner portrayed an evolution in the painting styles. The artist began by using the landscape genre. As chapter progresses, the paintings advance and more themes on landscapes and objects that demonstrate an emphasis on light and color effects are evident. The paintings in this chapter are majorly centered on increasingly began to paint natural as well as atmospheric objects.

The paintings were dramatic and the subjects romantic and thus fundamental for the development of imperialism. The styles incorporated historical, architectural, mountainous, pastoral and marine aspects.  Some of the paintings that connote a mere colors are sail ships. The idea of fluidity was well represented in his works.

Turner derived his inspirations from his travels. During those visits he directly interacted and witnessed nature. For example, the Sunset over Como painting was inspired by his visit to Como. In the summer of 1840, he revisited Venice with an intention of spending lengthy detours to Austria and Germany. This was in a bid to see Prince Albert. This visit led to the Walhalla Temple painting.

During those visit, Turner was spotted at Lake Como steamer by another water color artist; William Lake. In addition, his successful painting career can be attributed to one artists Claude Lorrain who Turner highly respected (Russell and Treasure 1226).

Other than watercolors, oil painting is used. This is done in a lustrous manner. This has similar impact as the water colors. This is vital in the originality of the style of production. This is clearly exhibited in the Venice: The Grand Canal, with Santa Maria dellaSalute paintings. This painting is significant due to the consistency and success of the work.  The sizes of canvas were smaller.  These were relevant in the domestic surroundings that characterized the newest environments.The liber canvass improved the composition of the painting.

This was boosted by the fact that generalizations of work are dropped as an alternative of impacting details and texture. The Ruskins (John Ruskin and his father) played a critical role in influencing the Swiss and German watercolors. The Ruskin has realized that that Goldau was a strong force in drawing.

            The contemporary critics reprimands Turner for archaism of conflate the end of the Deluge with the life of Moses. On the other hand, his supporter argue that it is possible that Turner would have been seeking a connection to the fundamental aspects of redemption in the narrative. In addition, the painting can be used to demonstrate the loyalty and liking that Turner had for the Germany prince.

  • The use of reflection. This is important in interior design in improving the quality of a photography or paintings.
  • The use of focal point had impact on the viewer’s reactions.
  • Contrasting colors and light affect the quality of the paintings. The lighting shaped the dimension of the subject matter.
  • Visualeffect attract the viewers. The composition of the painting was critical in its design. The effectiveness of the composition kept the viewer interested in understanding the message of the painting.

Chapter Two

More to painting events in the distant past, Turner painted themes surrounding him. This went a long way in the expression of grand emotions. Theawesome aspects of the contemporary world attracted Turner. At the time the Houses of Parliament were blazed by fire, Turner observed the houses being ravaged from both sides of River Thames. He also boarded a boat and clearly observed the houses burn (Bockemühl 43). He painted the event in watercolors and oil painting.

One of the paintings shows the Houses of Parliament from a distance. The houses are viewed from the upstream of Westminster Bridge. The fire is reflected by dull red in the waters. A group of spectators stands at a distance.The Westminster is not clearly seen in the paintings. The design that was used in painting the events that unfolded in the fateful night was effected by the use of verses. Thepainting has been assimilated by Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was placed under the John Howard McFadden collection.

The other painting shows the same scene from down the stream. Fro down the stream. The scene seems to have been painted from a region close to Waterloo Bridge.  The onlookers watch the flames and smoke being from the fire. Turner vibrantly combines oranges, yellows and reds express a feelings of molten heat.

Many artist in their subsequent generations have been inspired by Turner such as Monet. He has been celebrated for being a visionary artists though he fully appreciated the works of his preceding artist.

The Lake of Zug: Early Morning, 1843 exhibits a poetic expression of topographical details as well as the foregrounding incident. The paint is characterized by a blue paint at the center that expresses a form of manipulation of tonal segments in the later periods. Turner later works was escalatingly indistinct. This was majorly due to the wider experimentations in colors that facilitated accusations on the overuse of colors as well as his failing vision.

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