Argumentative Essay Examples

Argumentative Essay Examples

Great argumentative essay examples make knowing how to write a great argumentative essay easier. An argumentative essay refers to a writing genre in which the writer or student is required to investigate a given topic, gather, generate as well as evaluate evidence in order to establish a stance on the given topic in a simple, concise manner- When writing an argumentative essay, you are required to conduct extensive research on the previously published literature or material.

You must also conduct empirical research by collecting data through surveys, interviews, experiments and observations. Conducting extensive research enables you to learn more about the essay topic and comprehend different viewpoints from which different people can argue about the topic. This way, you are able to determine the best position to take and support with adequate evidence that you collect during research. Note that regardless of the evidence or research that you conduct, your essay must establish a position clearly using a thesis and provide sound evidence or reasoning to support it.

What you can accomplish with good argumentative essay examples

There are many things that you can do with good argumentative essay samples. If your teacher or professor has asked you to write an argumentative essay and you do not know where to start, sample essays can give you vital hints for writing the essay.

  • Know how to structure your essay

An argumentative essay should be structured in a way that makes reading it easy. It should have different sections outlining its basics. Basically, your essay should have an introduction, the body and the conclusion.


In the introduction, the essay should include a hook. This is a sentence that will grab the attention of the readers. It should also include background information about the topic that you are writing the essay about. Finally, the introduction should have a thesis stating the taken position clearly while giving the reason for taking that particular stance.

The body

The body of a good argumentative essay should have two sections. The first section should develop the claim. This should be done by stating a claim or statements that support the argument. Thus, after stating the claim, the essay should provide evidence to back up that claim. Supporting a claim in an argumentative essay entails providing examples and stating factual information that can be cited from relevant and reliable sources.

The body of good argumentative essay examples also includes the views of opponents and their rebuttal. While refuting the arguments of the opponents, the body of a good essay should provide examples too or cite relevant and reliable sources. Including views of the opponents gives your argumentative essay credibility-


The conclusion of an argumentative essay should accomplish two major things. First, it should restate the essence of the issue or thesis statement. Secondly, it should paint a picture of the implication of implementing or not implementing your argument. This is very important because it ensures that readers have something to think about after reading the essay.

  • Determine the best way to approach your argumentative essay writing assignment

You need to take a specific approach to your argumentative essay writing assignment. You should be prepared before you start writing an argumentative essay. When you have good argumentative essay samples, you can identify and analyze the authors’ lines of thought before you start writing your own essay. You will also know how the authors avoid making assumptions in the sample essays.

Remember that to write great argumentative essays, you must use good language. By analyzing sample essays, you can clearly see how authors use language to present their arguments in the most logical and convincing ways. Additionally, reading samples of argumentative essays is beneficial because it enables you to master the best words and phrases to use while making your argument. Such words will enhance the quality of your argumentative essay-

  • Know how to construct great arguments

Remember that when making arguments, you are not quarreling. When you read samples of good argumentative essays, you know how to avoid any type of emotional outburst that can make your argumentative essay a display of your temper. Good argumentative essays depict a fair presentation of alternative or opposing arguments. By reading good samples, you learn how to present written arguments in a more civilized way by considering evidence from all sides-

Remember that readers of your argumentative essay will judge you on the basis of your opinions and how you present them. It is therefore important to know how to present your argument in a way that will not make others misunderstand you. Good argumentative essay examples will enable you to know how you can effectively express your opinions, believes and ideas to different people even if they have different opinions, ideas and beliefs.

  • Find sources of evidence to support your argument

Your argument should be supported with valid evidence. When you read authentic sample essays, you find information that you can use as evidence in your own essays. You can also use some of these samples as references for your own essays. Additionally, sample essays have information that can give you ideas on how to approach your essay writing assignment. For instance, if you do not have great argumentative essay topic ideas, some of these samples can give you ideas on the best topic to choose for your essay. Others have links in their references that can take you to great sources of the information that you need to support your argument.

How to find good argumentative essay examples

Perhaps, you need sample argumentative essays to read or use while writing your own argumentative essay. Your school library can have argumentative essays that former students wrote. Your professor or teacher can also direct you to places where you can get samples of argumentative essays. It is also possible to find great samples of argumentative essays online. There are online libraries that have sample argumentative essays and papers that you can read and even use as references while writing your essays. In addition, there are websites of companies that offer academic writing services that have free argumentative essay samples.

Here are sample argumentative essays found on such websites:

While reading these samples, consider how they are structured with different sections as highlighted in this section. Also consider how authors provide evidence and illustrations to support their claims.

Hints and reminders on how to use argumentative essay examples to write your essay

After finding and reading good sample essays, you should be ready to write your own argumentative essay. While doing that, there are things that you should always have in mind.

These are:

  • Avoid emotional language

Remember that you should be logical, not emotional. The idea should be to convince the readers to agree with you or accept your position. Therefore, make a claim and then support it with evidence. Evidence should speak in your essay and not emotions.

  • Do not make up or fake evidence

Use truthful facts only. If the reader decides to check the evidence that you provide, your argument should not be hurt because you made up the evidence. Use technology to your own advantage by finding relevant and reliable sources and then use them in your argumentative essay.

  • Cite sources

If you quote something from a magazine article, a book or an online page, cite it in your essay. How you cite sources depends on the format that you are using in writing the paper. Therefore, if you are unsure about the format to use, ask your instructor first.

  • Choose a topic that you know and find interesting

You cannot write a strong argumentative essay if you do not know what you are supposed to talk about. To argue for or against something, you should know it properly. Therefore, choose a topic that you are familiar with or a topic that you find interesting. If you are assigned a topic that does not interest you, conduct extensive research before you start writing your essay.

  • Use good sample essays

Reading arguments by other authors critically will enable you to understand and make arguments. Therefore, find good argumentative essay samples and read them carefully and critically to master the art of making arguments in writing-

Get argumentative essay samples online

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