Annotated Bibliography: Violent Crimes

Annotated Bibliography: Violent Crimes

The paper will provide a summary of various sources that could be used in the research on violent crimes. It will clearly outline the relevance and importance of the different sources in the research.

Barber, N. (2006). Why is violent crime so common in the Americas? Aggressive Behavior, 32(5), 442-450.

The article by Barber (2006) provides an explorative study on occurrence of violent crimes in the United States. It is noted that America has the highest level of violent crimes than any other country in the world. The article notes the role single parenthood families have played in increasing the level of violent crimes in America. The increased rates of single parent families have created unethical behaviors due to lack of proper parental guidance. Most of the children in the United States lack proper parental support. The rates of violent crimes can be strongly linked to the increased number of single parent families in America. Income equality is another issue that has led to increased violent crimes in America. People from low income earning families are involved in most of the reported cases of violence. The article is useful in the research study, as it would expose the researcher to the significant issues that leads to increased violent crimes in America.

Graz, C., Etschel, E., Schoech, H., & Soyka, M. (2009). Criminal behavior and violent crimes in former inpatients with affective disorder. Journal of affective disorders, 117(1), 98-103.

The article by Graz, Etschel, Schoech and Soyka (2009) provides a comprehensive study of criminal behaviors and violent crimes among patients affected with affective disorder. The evidence of the article is based on several studies on criminal and violent behavior among persons diagnosed with schizophrenia. In the article, some of studies integrate research investigations on the relationship between affective disorder and violent behaviors of the individuals. The findings of the research suggested that the frequency of criminal behaviors among individuals may dependent on the nature of diagnoses. It also noted that the increased cases of substance use led to the increased violent actions in the society. Thus, affective disorders could lead to violent crimes due to the violent criminal behaviors of the individuals. The article is significant to the study on violent crimes, as it offers adequate evidence on the nature of violent crimes. Therefore, the article would be crucial in conduction of the research on violent crimes in the society.

Klötz, F., Petersson, A., Isacson, D., & Thiblin, I. (2007). Violent crime and substance abuse: a medico-legal comparison between deceased users of anabolic androgenic steroids and abusers of illicit drugs. Forensic science international, 173(1), 57-63.

The article by Klötz, Petersson, Isacson and Thiblin (2007) sought to conduct a research on the correlation between violent crimes and substance in the society. The substances abused include anabolic steroids and illicit drugs, which leads to a behavioral change among individuals. The article documents the various cases and survey studies that reflect how substance abuse leads to increased feelings of hostility and aggressiveness. The increased aggressiveness is responsible for causing violent reactions and behaviors among the violent offenders. The history of most criminals usually indicates a string of substance abuse, more so the illicit substances. It is crucial to understand that increased cases of violent crimes are caused by substance abuse. The relationship of violent crimes and substance abuse is significant on the research on violent crimes, since it analyzes the impacts of substance of criminal behavior.