Admission Essay Sample Paper

Admission Essay

My purpose in life has always been to fight battles from the frontline. As a result, all facets of my life have always been structured in a manner that ensures that I achieve my goals and objectives using the best possible methodology and strategy. Education has been one of my battles that I believe would serve to improve and enrich my future life. My passion has always being with mathematical problems and business ideas. Therefore, I seek to align my educational battle with credible and highly motivated institutions that would serve the achievements of my objectives. In this regard, I have identified the Santa Monica College as one of the prime institutions of higher learning that aligns its purpose, goals, and achievements with my personal goals, achievements, and career development plans.

            I am hereby applying to the college to join its professional and academic fraternity as one of the students seeking to develop not only the mission and vision of the college, but also my own personal goal and objectives. I am seeking a transfer from the Seattle central college, which is one of the best and highly achieving college institutions in the educational field. Therefore, I seek to request that allowance to the Santa Monica College be considered to ensure that I do not fail myself in my endeavor to achieve my life goals and objectives.

            In my current college, I have worked hard to ensure that I achieve excellence in my pursuit of quality education and maintaining the standards set by the college of having students achieve in their educational fields. My current GPA at Seattle central college is 4.0. Aside from my educational interests, I have enrolled in several other membership clubs that aim at improving my social caste and life, business skills, educational skills, as well as other pertinent skills necessary for my integration into both university and the job market. I believe in the premise that preparation is one of the prime recipes for success if chosen and executed in a concise, articulate, and goal oriented manner. Therefore, all these endeavors are the foundation for the achievement of my life’s goals and objectives.

In this regard, if accepted into the college, I would seek to complete my education as well as engage other students and scholars to ensure that I build up my core principles that would guide me towards becoming a leader in the business or accounting world. After completion of my studies in college, I would seek an application with UCLA to pursue a degree in either business o accounting, since they serve as my career passions. The achievement of this objective would be highly beneficial not only to me, but also to the Santa Monica college alumni since they would get an achiever in future that would be instrumental in interacting and building fellow students at the college in the achievement of their life’s goals and objectives.

            With my admission into the institution, I would immediately begin integrating my passion, achievements, objectives, and social skills into the development of the institution, as well as fellow students and academicians. Therefore, it is my earnest wish that my application into the Santa Monica College be considered for the possibility to join your student fraternity. If accepted into the college, I would be highly appreciative of the offer would strive to ensure that I deliver on my promises, goals, and objectives.