A Simple 7 Habits Mission Statement Writing Guide

7 Habits Mission Statement Writing Guide

What is a 7 habits mission statement?

A 7 habits mission statement refers to a statement that is based on correct principals, more like a personal constitution and forms the basis for making major, life-directing decisions. It creates a vision and mission statement that is more significant, powerful and influential than noise accumulated in the present or any past baggage.

Writing a 7 habits mission statement is not an easy task but one that requires commitment and great writing skills. There are several aspects that must be taken into consideration to deliver a quality statement and we will guide you through these.

Guidelines to writing a mission statement

In order to write a mission statement, you must first start at the center of your circle of influence which simply refers to how you see the world. Some of the things you need to take into consideration before you get started include:

  • Start by writing your goals as you perceive them. Establish whether you are happy with your life’s mirror image.
  • Start collecting ideas, quotes and notes that you might use as reference material while writing the 7 habits mission statement.
  • Identify any project you might handle in the near future and ensure you apply mental creation concept to it. Write the kind of results you would desire as well as steps that will lead to such results.

Get down to specifics while writing 7 habits mission statement

With the general picture of what is expected while writing a mission statement in mind, it is now time to look at specific steps to follow. Ideally, while writing your 7 habits mission statement:

Identify your ambitions

Start by identification of your greatest ambition. What are some of the things you love doing? What idea or activity sparks inspiration in you and provides a source of great joy. Identifying your passions will help create a mission statement that is professionally written and authentic. Some of life passions might be:

  • Installing swimming pools
  • Building educational websites
  • Hosting radio shows
  • Raising funds for libraries in developing nations

In other cases, life passions can be less specific such as:

  • Promotion of clean energy production
  • Public speaking
  • Sharing educational information with others

If you lack passion that is quantifiable and measurable, there is no need to panic. There are individuals who are highly successful yet they started off with 7 habits mission statement highlighting their inspiration above everything else.

Recognize underlying reasons behind your ambition

In order to write an ideal mission statement, you must identify the reason behind your ambition. This helps you create motivational and enormous mission statement. Identify what your intent for attaining your objective is. Having a purpose is fulfilling. Life purpose examples you can highlight include:

  • Helping in building an environment that is healthy for the next generation
  • Encouraging and educating people to have a better understanding of taking responsibility for their own health
  • Helping in binding people so they can enjoy greater independence
  • Inspiring and encouraging people so they can find and live within their fulfillment
  • Encouraging close relationships
  • Providing educated and honest services for home buyers

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Revisit values

Our daily actions are based on what we have great value for. Writing a 7 habits mission statement requires you take time to revisit your values. This ensures you prioritize them in the appropriate manner in your mission statement. Familiarize yourself with the values you hold and use proper exercises that can identify your core values as well as prioritize them in accordance how important they are. Examples in this case include:

  • Compassion
  • Financial abundance
  • Education
  • Love
  • Freedom
  • Organization
  • Integrity
  • Contribution
  • Physical activity
  • Health
  • Honesty

Structuring the statement

Structuring the 7 habits mission statement should be based on your findings of the 3 steps highlighted above. Identify your mission development which combines your passion and driving purpose in life as well as core values. When all these aspects are combined together, they are an indication of your highest goals. Structuring your statement demands that you highlight aspects that are meaningful.

What a well-structured 7 habits mission statement entails

To write a mission statement that is well structured, it must:

  • Have short, concise paragraphs
  • State your highest level goal based on your personal core values, highest purpose and great passion
  • Apply positive language that communicates your vision
  • Incorporate some sensitive emotion to energize the statement
  • If you want it to act as positive affirmation, the statement should be stated in present tense.

Tips to consider

While writing your 7 habits mission statement, follow these guidelines as well:

  1. Identify your past success

Take time to identify where you have succeeded in the past, whether in the community, at home or work. Identify the themes of success as well and write them down.

  1. Identify your core values

Develop an attributes list you believe identifies who you are and your priorities. The longer the list the better as it enables you to narrow down on the 7 most important values.

  1. Identify contributions

Take time to think about your priorities and the goals you have set. Create a list of personal goals in the short and long term.

  1. Write the statement

Once through with the steps highlighted above and you have a better understanding of yourself, write your 7 habits mission statement.

  1. Identification of goals

Short term goals-To carry on with my career by working with an employer who is progressive and capable of giving me room to develop my values, talent and skills.

Long-term-develop other outlets for talents and a long term plan that diversifies my life to achieve both personal and professional success.

Sample of 7 habits mission statement

  1. Expound my knowledge by reading a motivational book every day during my break hours.
  2. Stop procrastinating things and do what I can do today rather than putting it off till tomorrow. This will help me stay on course and guide me towards achieving my goals.
  3. To develop my communication and writing skills by reading and studying more.
  4. To uphold the highest level of integrity, commitment and dedication in every task I undertake in order to achieve and surpass the expected standards.
  5. To develop an exercise regime that will ensure I stay healthy and fit. I will dedicate 1 hour every day to this regime without failure
  6. Learn how to serve my fellow men selflessly and without expecting anything in return.
  7. To plan each day ahead and ensure I stick to the timelines I set for myself to complete different kinds of tasks.

You can borrow ideas of writing a mission statement here.

Counter check the mission statement

Once your 7 habits mission statement is complete step back and look at it with an outsiders eyes. This will help you point out some things you might have missed out or included that are not needed. Also, check on grammar and other mistakes that might have escaped your eye the first time.

It is always recommended to take a short break from the writing process to clear your thoughts and ensure you do not miss out anything. Always bear in mind the mission statement is a reflection of your goals and aspirations as such, it should be flawless and in line with your goals as well as expectations. For additional examples of mission statement. missionstatements.com.

Hire professional writers to write your 7 habits mission statement

A perfectly written 7 habits mission statement is not easy to pull off. All the nitty-gritty details need to be tied in together in order to deliver the perfect statement. In such instances, it is advisable to hire professional writers.

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