Practical Advice for Dissertation writing

Practical Advice for Dissertation writing

Dissertation is a long and complex document that often takes years to complete. When writing a dissertation, be prepared to meet various challenges here and there. You can only avoid being overwhelmed by difficulties if you prepared adequately and stuck to your program. The following are useful tips on dissertation writing.

    1. Plan ahead. Using your calendar set up a schedule of writing by marking the days and times to dedicate to the project. Treat this as an important appointment that you cannot miss. To help you enforce the schedule, put strict start and stop times. Using a timer can be really helpful.
  1. Look at a few samples. You need to have a feel of how a dissertation looks like before you can think of writing your own. Understand how to formulate a problem statement, where each chapter goes as well as how to list down your sources in the reference section.
  2. Write without revising. The first step in dissertation writing is to put down everything you know about the topic. Do not bother about grammar, punctuations or paragraphing, just jot down everything as it comes to your mind. Forget about revising because the moment you decide to do it, all the information you wanted to add will evaporate.
  3. Write a page a day. You need not follow a specific order; just make sure you write at least a page or two a day. Doing this should help keep you focused on your dissertation writing project.
  4. Remember to save your work every time. Imagine working on something and then a mishap causes you to lose all the information. Save your work in different places not just your computer hard drive because what if it fails?

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