How to Write PhD Dissertation Proposal

How to Write PhD Dissertation Proposal

The main reason for writing a PhD dissertation proposal is to convince the committee that there is need to conduct research on a particular topic. Whether the committee will be convinced or not will depend on the strength of your proposal. In short your proposal shades more light on the actual dissertation; it brings forward the main points to be discussed further in the main research.

A PhD dissertation proposal can be written in a variety of subjects and topics. To complete a good proposal, you’ll need to understand the basic guidelines on how to write a PhD dissertation proposal.

  • Thesis statement. For starters, your proposal should clearly highlight your thesis statement.
  • Main objectives. What are the main aims of the research? What do you expect to achieve at the end of the research?
  • Significance of research. What difference will your research bring? How significant or helpful is it to the existing research.
  • Originality. Distinguish your dissertation from other similar researches. Show what makes your research original and unique.
  • Methodology. Your PhD dissertation proposal should explain the methods and procedures you’ll use to collect and analyze research data.
  • Challenges/limitations. Your proposal should highlight the setbacks you will most likely encounter to collect research material. This may include lack of tools, language barrier etc.
  • Funding. Where do you expect to get funding for your research? How much do you intend to spend to complete your research?

A good PhD dissertation proposal should provide a thoroughly selected research material and sources. Take as much time in writing your dissertation proposal, because it’s the first step to a successful dissertation. Writing a proposal can take up a lot of time. In order to avoid rejection, better seek professional assistance. Alternatively, consult your supervisor or coach for help.

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